Our Business Operations

Real Estate Development as Joint Venture Projects:

The core business area of the company is real estate development as joint venture projects. In this model, the company enters into agreement with owners of private lands, on mutually beneficial arrangement, to construct residential/commercial buildings within agreed time frame. The company is responsible for all the aspects of the project including design, obtaining of required permission, construction, utility connections till successful handing over of the projects to the land-owners and buyers. Although the company takes care of the major responsibilities of the projects, we consider our valuable land-owners and development partners and we, as a matter of principal, seek their opinions and guidance throughout the life of any project.

Construction Management:

Green Peak Holdings Ltd. also work as Project Manager to implement any project on turn-key basis for an agreed fee. As a project management company, we view our role as a partner. We plan and design the project within the client’s budget and manage the construction with quality, to client’s satisfaction. To meet a project’s quality goals within the budget and schedule, the team develops a project specific strategy. We offer construction management services in two phases:
Preconstruction and Construction.

1. Preconstruction:

A good preconstruction plan can save cost, allows well-informed decision-making, reduces surprises and makes the outcome predictable. During the preconstruction phase, we provide planning and scheduling, estimating, value engineering and constructability reviews, purchase of long-lead items, budget development and monitoring, and prequalification of subcontractors.

2. Construction:
During the construction phase, we conduct material procurement with optimal value-price evaluation; oversee sub-contractor services; ensure quality; keep the project timeline in check and build the facility to make it fully operational.
Construction on Contract

Green Peak Holdings Ltd. participates in both public and private sector construction projects. The focus of our Construction Services are safety, quality, and client satisfaction. GPHL has a qualified management and technical team, with long experience of project management. It has a track record of completing its projects in time, and with client’s satisfaction.

Our list of projects generally include:

a) Roads, highways and bridges.
b) Office, residential and industrial complexes.
c) Earthwork including earth-filling, dredging and construction of dams.

Interior Decoration

As an extension to its current portfolio, GPHL has ventured into the business of providing interior decoration services and supply of furniture, both for institutional and individual clients. In the last two years, we have already implemented quite a few interior decoration work and furniture supply projects to the optimum satisfaction of our clients. In the interior decoration work, we focus on aesthetic design, use of high quality material, good craftsmanship, at affordable price.

Supply of Furniture

Apart from interior decoration works, GPHL also offers full range of furniture for home and work place. While planning furniture, we emphasize correct harmony with the interior design of the Space concerned. Additionally, we also offer to modify the old furniture, thus saving cost of our clients. Our experienced workers can produce any type of furniture, both for individual and Institutional clients, which match the current trend, at a very competitive price.

True Material Design For Your Business

Company Name : Green Peak Holdings Ltd. 
Legal Status : Private Limited Company
Year of Establishment : 2011
Chairman : Mrs. Saleha Tasmin
Managing Director : Lieutenant Colonel Md. Shamsul Islam, psc (Retd)