Construction Management

Green Peak Holdings Ltd. also work as project manager to implement any project on turn-key basis for an agreed fee. As a project management company, we view our role as a partner. We plan and design the project within the client’s budget and manage the construction with quality, to client’s satisfaction. To meet a project’s quality goals within the budget and schedule, the team develops a project specific strategy. We offer construction management services in two phases: preconstruction and construction.


A good preconstruction plan can save cost, allows well-informed decision-making, reduces surprises and makes the outcome predictable. During the preconstruction phase, we provide planning and scheduling, estimating, value engineering and constructability reviews, purchase of long-lead items, budget development and monitoring, and prequalification of subcontractors.


During the construction phase, we conduct material procurement with optimal value-price evaluation; oversee subcontractor services; ensure quality; keep the project timeline in check and build the facility to make it fully operational.