Brief Introduction

Green Peak Holdings Ltd.

Established in 2011, Green Peak Holdings Ltd. (GPHL) is a new generation Real Estate and Construction Company of Bangladesh. In the midst of hundreds of developer companies, GPHL is striving hard to attain a position of excellence in the fields of design, quality of construction and customer-care, as has been evident in the last 8 years of its operation. Since its inception, the company had completed a good number of real estate projects in the upscale areas of Dhaka City and a few are in progress. For last 5 years the company also has been engaged in a good number of construction projects on contract, both in public and private sectors. GPHL has a conscious focus on applying modern technology in the field of construction with a view to providing our clients best value of their money. As a natural extension of its business, the company ventured into the fields of interior decoration and furniture supply. In about four years the company made significant progress by completing a substatial number of interior decoration and furniture supply projects to the optimum satisfaction of our clients. The most recent venture of the company is construction management and planning service, under which the company intends to provide full range of construction management service to its clients. We value a high standard of ethical practices in our operation and conduct, as pre-requisites for sustainable business. We consider our clients as our partners in pursuit of our lofty goal of attaining a pre-eminent position in the country in providing complete solution of real estate, construction and associated services. Therefore, attending our client’s queries and concerns at a regular basis, and often at the senior management level, is always assured.



To provide full range of real estate and construction solutions to our clients in attaining their needs and aspirations of owning high quality residential homes and commercial spaces, through excellent workmanship, innovative designs and first rate customer care.



To emerge as one of the leading business houses of the country, especially in real estate, construction and affiliated services.


Deep respect and care for customers’ needs, interests and concerns. Continuous innovations in all areas of operation to attain best business practices. High moral and ethical standards in our operation and conduct. Empowering our people to foster efficiency, initiative and responsibility.